Precious Easter


This egg is from 1903 called “Peter The Great Egg”

Arn’t these eggs beautiful. Much better than my hand-painted and hand-dyed ones I used to make in abundance when my kids were still young. Nowadays they are spread all over the place, celebrating Easter with their kids, and pets, and friends. Hopefully!

I am not sniffing at my own creations, but my retirement fund would do well with the addition of a Fabergé egg. Helas, the pension it is!

Did you know that Peter Carl Fabergé created his first egg for Tzar Alexander III in 1885 as a present? He had free reign regarding the design, the brief was that it had to house a surprise. I suppose the modern day ‘Kinderueberraschung’ from Ferrero is closest to it.

I didnt know that Fabergé was Russian. They fled in 1920 to Switzerland, after the Russian Revolution. All together 50 imperial eggs were made over the years of which 42 have survived and…if you find one among your grandparents boxes in the attic, you’ll be home safe regarding your next world-cruise. (But chose the company you are cruising with wisely.)

In case you find one, you can expect to get something in the ball-park of $33M (that is million – and I don’t think it matters whether its US$, GBPounds, or Euros – either way you’ll be fine!)

You don’t believe me? Go check this out dated 23.3.2014


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